What I tell my clients about this workshop: “This is a workshop, not a gift shop, but if you do the work it may be a gift.”


The 5 Coins of the Helper-Leaner™ Workshop (Long/Short Course) provide an overview and practice in the use of the tools. It is part presentation, and another part conversation that will touch your life in a meaningful way.

Understanding the two sides of Intention, Movement, Logic & Emotion, Truth and Compassion. You will learn why in that list of 5 important items, compassion is last on the list, even though in life compassion and love is the most important thing of all. Why do you think Compassion is the #5 Coin? Hint: how we see and express compassion naturally changes over time, and for good reason.

In the end, you will gain a better understanding of where you are on your journey to “find your power, and learn to use it wisely.” As well as gain clarity on seeing how other people in your life, and in the past, are and were using their power.

Thanks, Dan