The story of their development up to that powerful moment in 2009, when all the pieces came together, was a long one. It was a moment built on thirty years of “push,” towards a goal I felt, but could not see. I had a feeling in me to “go find it.” That’s the best way I can describe it. When in the course of our lives we set ourselves on a task, and refuse to let go of that intent, we are rewarded in remarkable ways – even if we do not reach that goal. The simple act of determination itself is a reward, and can be a blessing for a long time to come. The series of events that lead to the discovery/creation of The 5 Coins of the Helper-Learner™ would not have happened had I not gone through some hard times, respected difficult feedback from people around me, and become an obsessed mapper of logic, emotion and the human experience.

One day I tinkered with two sketches, lost in a moment of thought. For some reason I drew one conceptual model, created nine years earlier, on the same piece of paper as a new model I was developing. Like to people’s eyes connecting from across the room, strangers that seem to know each other, seem to want to connect, these two models began to draw together. Before it was all done, these two models took on the form of us, the human body.

There in front of me was an insight that made my friend Cedric Hill said, “Keenan, you know this is through you, but not of you right?” I said “Exactly!” This simple website, with some text and some simple graphics belies the power of this developing curriculum. I continue to weave the wisdom of human life and interaction into the coins, and have since the day I discovered them. The phrase that keeps coming to my mind is “when you ask God for wisdom, you better bring buckets.” And that I have done. If nothing else in my life I have fought to stay open to the truth I see around me, and within me.  That has lead me to be open to some painful truths, and to learn from some tough situations around me, in order to incorporate what I learn into the coin designs or to create new tools and conceptual models to capture the specific insights.

It is a process… which has the same appeal as metal detecting does for others. To find the unseen “thing” of great value to those once they see it.