Strategic Thinking


The term “Coach” has a very distinctive meaning, and often I find the work I do more about “Strategic Thinking” than coaching. To that end, I sometimes call myself a Coach and other times I talk about facilitating Strategic Thinking. As it relates to The 5 Coins of the Helper-Learner™ it begins with understanding some fundamental truths about life.

When we see those truths, we can begin using them on a regular basis to make better conscious/strategic decisions. As we move through time practicing how to use the coins as a tool, we get better the more we practice. The process of 1) being aware, then 2) making decisions based on what we know, then 3) assessing our outcomes to see how we are doing, is the marriage of Knowledge, Strategic Thinking and Coaching. That’s what I do for myself, and have been teaching others for many years. It does not mean I am perfect.

Truth is, I make many mistakes. In fact I need coaching myself, and gladly accept it from people in my life. No matter what, I find that my life gets better when I focus on what I want in life, take time to document and become doing the work it will take to get there, and stand back now and then with a friend to see how I’m doing. If you can use some of that, feel free to contact me. We will see what we can do to improve your life, or someone you care about.

Thanks as always,