Feedback From School Teachers

This is feedback from one afternoon having a discussion about life, teaching, the importance of what they do, and an acknowledgment of the challenges they face.  I am posting it as I received it.

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Hey Dan,

WOW!  I wish you could have been at the school Friday.  The whole atmosphere around the school changed.  Seriously!  People were talking about you and what you said.  People were smiling like crazy and I heard so many of your “buzz” words being bounced around campus as well.  Everyone was talking about how incredibly gifted you are.  Below is just some of the feedback I received.  We don’t always get to talk with each other at a school, being that we teach children all day, so I am sure there will be more to come.

Thanks again for coming Thursday.  I hope we will see you again soon, at the school and at home.  Take Care, XXXXXX


-Countless “Thank you’s”  for having you come.

-Assistant Principal said, “Thank you so much for having Dan come.”  “He was very, very effective.”  “We all got a lot out of it.” “What a nice guy.”

-More thank you’s.

-XXXX grade teacher, “I had to stop listening for a few moments to collect myself, I almost cried my head off.  The comment he made about “which child would be effected the most…..” that really hit home with me, because the kids that drive you the craziest are the ones that need me the most.  It helped me so much.”

-When can he come back?

-So inspiring, I can’t stop thinking about it.

-XXXX teacher, the moment she saw me in the morning she started talking about you without even saying “good morning”  She said, “ It has been on my mind since yesterday, and I keep thinking about how I react when someone cuts me off on the road and what I say and do.  And about how you are called a ‘bitch’ if you hold someone accountable, and I keep thinking about conversations I have had with people.”

-Tell him to add a Christian perspective so he won’t offend anyone with the comment, “we are the owners of our lives.”  “add that God is the owner of our lives.”

-Thank you I sooooo needed that.

-All of the XXXX grade level was crying.  (heard that 3x)

-XXth grade teacher, “tell Dan about this”  She showed me a picture of her wallpaper at home.  It shows the Jelly Donut scenario, a happy faced jelly donut whole and filled and in the next picture it shows the same donut with its tongue hanging out and a chunk of it gone with jelly running out everywhere, exhausted and unhappy.  “ I guess I can start to get rid of my wallpaper now.”  She said with a smile.  I told her to email the picture to you.  I hope she does.

-Thank you so much for that yesterday.

-I can’t believe the timing of that yesterday, right when we all needed it.

-Ask him to slow it down so we can really grasp it.

-Is he married?  I know someone I would like to set him up with.  (heard that at least 3x) J

-I hope he can come back and spend more time with us.

- He needs to put it on a power-point presentation or somehow put it on the computer so we can doc-cam. It.  Walking around with it wasn’t as effective as it could have been.  He lost some people when they couldn’t see.

- “I was watching everyone in the room and they really seemed to be into it.”  “Especially with the music.”  “Did you know XXXX was crying?  He really touched her.”

-“ Instead of saying “ do you know what I mean?” during the presentation, tell him to lead into another example or another story that is related to clarify his point.”

- “During his stories about Rock Camp and his experiences you could have heard a pin drop.”  “More examples, please.”

- XXXX; “I am getting lots of positive feedback from everyone, YYYY.”  “Me too, I said,” “Everyone is telling me how they want him to come back and spend more time with us.”  “ would that be okay?” I asked her.  “YES!” she said.  “We just have to get the staff to agree to stay late for it.”  “Well should we send out a mass email to see what the response would be?”  I asked her.  She nodded her head in agreement and thought as we got interrupted and were unable to finish the conversation.

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This is what motivates me… when I first entered the room I could feel the fatigue and tension amongst the teachers. All of them committed people who have done hard work to help children grow up to live great lives, and help our country be free and strong. When I get feedback like this it is almost embarrassing, because all I was looking for was an opportunity to help in some small way this amazing team. We never know who needs a kind word, or an ounce of patience, as they try and get through a tough day or situation. I share this not to brag, but to show you a bit of why I do what I do…

Thank you,