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The Unmistakable Creative – Srinivas Rao interviews Julien Smith

Nov111514CocoaBeachWalking on the beach today I was listening to “The Unmistakable Creative” podcast with Srinivas Rao.The episode is called “Managing Uncertainty and Continually Doing the Best Work of Your Life With Julien Smith.” The interview kept hitting on so many of my experiences as I work to bring public what I have built privately over the last fourteen years: The 5 Coins of the Helper-Learner™, The 21 Wells of Life™ and the many other writings and models that weave together what I am tentatively call The Keenan Life Curriculum™ in honor of my parents, and our family’s journey.

Around minute 12:00 he talks about Ben Horowitz said the number one most difficult and important thing for executives to do is to Manage Their Own Thinking – learning to manage our internal uncertainty, BEFORE we are able to manage the many sources of uncertainty in the world around us.But what and who are “executives?” We all are the executives of our lives… managing ourselves, people and the details we must manage to sustain a healthy life.

This simple phrase, “Manage Our Own Thinking,” woke me out of my morning trance watching seagulls walk on the hard sand of low tide, as pelicans surf the updrafts on small waves along the shoreline… Why it is at the heart of The 5 Coins of the Helper-Learner™ – it is five distinct areas of thinking, and the actions that follow that thinking, that we can put in our back pocket, or in our purse, to keep us thinking clearly amidst the uncertainty of our lives. Just stop the world, take a breath, and pull out the 5CHL™ and feel… then think… then feel some more. Give it time, where are you? What do you want? Be calm, find your focus and state of calm as best you can, and put your coins away, then move forward with a new perspective.

There is so much wisdom within each of us if we just talk together… Srinivas Rao and the Unmistakable Creative have really tapped into what I have learned is true in my life… There is almost nothing more powerful than a “simple” conversation between people. It is where we connect and share…

I hope you will listen to this podcast. It is an interesting and enlightening 45 minutes…