AUDIO: A little about the book


“Look No Further You Are The Reason Your Life Sucks – 216 Lessons Happy People Learn”

This book is a list of things we do to undermine our lives. Specific behaviors and ways we think about ourselves and others when we make mistakes. It sat on a shelf for five years until a friend read it. She said, “You need to publish this!” I said, “Ok,” and did. It is only $2.99 on Kindle at You can read it on your computer if you do not have a Kindle Reader.

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 Note about the book: Just before I was about to release this book, in fact the night before I released the electronic Kindle version, I saw Brene Brown’s video below on “Vulnerability.” It talked about the big difference between feeling “guilty” about making a mistake, then learning from it, and beating ourselves up to the point it harms our lives. Here I was about to release a book about the things we do to undermine the quality of our lives, and I had not discussed that important point. Her video was a real eye opener. I wrote another chapter to distill the main points Brene makes, and how to think about each of the 216 specific “reasons.” One mindset helps us learn from mistakes and the other leads us to increased rates of addiction, abuse, divorce and general chaos in our lives. If you get a few minutes, her video may be an important set of insights that can help you.