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Thank you for taking the time to visit the site. Here you can find out more about “The 5 Coins of the Helper-Learner™” and the potential they represent for your life.

So what are these so called “COINS?” Are they “real” coins?

Like a coin being tossed on a Friday night at the football game, to help choose who gets the ball first, they are real. But to buy a loaf of bread, no. These coins are a two sided circular tool to help us better understand the world around, so we can make better decisions. How? By using them to understand how we and others think, so we can see the world with greater clarity. To see the obvious and the subtle – the logic and emotions, that we cannot always put to words.


In our lives we can use these five coins in several ways – we toss them up in the air and let them make a decision for us, when when we cannot choose one path or the other. We can use them to help us get better at timing our actions for better outcomes, and we can use them to understand hidden patterns of the world around us – even hidden intentions – good or bad. They can help us manage and protect ourselves from those who would harm us, by better understanding the intentions of others. They can help us find our confidence, or embrace humility when it is exactly the last thing we want to do, but is wise to do.

Where a real coin is a “resource” of some value, The 5 Coins of the Helper-Learner™ do find common ground.They help us know when not to waste energy on drama, and to know what drama to pay attention to with special focus.

Buy NowThey are five coins that represent our intention in interacting with other people, our movement state, our way of thinking and how we relate to both logic and emotion in the gathering and processing of information, our relationship with truth and fiction and out ability to see it, as well as our choice to be kind or to attack other people.

They are five key options you have within your power to use to make your life better or worse. They represent ways of thinking and acting, associated with what some might call “good and evil.” They are the product of over a decade of thought and effort. They are a prediction of the type and quality of relationship you have with other people. They are like compounds in a chemical reaction – each coin acting and reacting with each other in different ways depending on their intent, character and mood. There are many influences that drive the reactions, and each of them give a good idea of the outcomes long before they begin.

They not only represent our intent towards others, they represent the natural cycles of maturity as we grow from dependent children into mature, responsible adults – knowing that before we can use our power wisely we must find it and practice how to use it. Of course that means we will make mistakes. The 5 Coins of the Helper-Learner ™ will help you understand who made a simple mistake when they step on your toes, and those who fully intended to use their power at your expense.

The 5 Coins of the Helper-Learner ™ represent a set of tools you can carry in your pocket to help you navigate life, in a crisis or in the long view. They are a map, a compass and a resource always at your aid. Once you learn them, you have them in you at all times. The clarity they give is immediate and long lasting.

Thank you for taking the time to begin your journey into The 5 Coins of the Helper-Learner ™,

Dan S. Keenan